If you are looking for more structure, maybe feel you don't have time to plan, prep and cook but are still trying to "get back on track" and fuel your body while allowing your detox pathways to kick in, we are now offering a 7 DAY CLEANSE + RESET along with a free 7 Day Detox Teachable from our registered dietitian Jordan Hostetler & owner of Blissfully Balanced Nutrition.


"I believe in providing education, helpful interventions and tips for clients to succeed in their own meal planning and prepping; however, I also understand that it can be easier to have structure when we're first starting out with our health journey or "getting back on track."

Keep in mind this menu was built as a generalized anti-inflammatory and liver detox guide and was not built for anyone with a specific medical history.

All meals are:

- Organic, gluten free, & dairy free

- Comes with what day to consume meals to help you plan.

- Packaged & arrives in thermal controlled bags

- Comes with 21 meals total

- Comes with your FREE 7-day detox guide



Jordan is a North Carolina licensed, registered dietitian. With five years of schooling and five years of clinical experience, she has also recently completed an extensive Functional Nutrition Practitioner Certification. She has on-going goals to help women strengthen each pillar of life from blood sugar and cortisol control through diet and stress management to sex hormone regulation via environmental toxin control and mindfulness. Jordan pairs evidence-based research and functional lab testing (as needed) with supportive interventions to help women improve their health. She prides herself on her positive outlook and passion for emotional and physical healing. We are so excited to have her on our team!