How It Works

Our Process:

New menus launch every Tuesday! Order each week by Friday.  All orders will be ready for pick up or delivery on Tuesdays at your preferred time. If you are not home, then we recommend leaving a cooler outside by the door. You will be notified when meals are out for delivery. 

Please contact us at for personal customized meals! Due to the volume of meals being made from the main menu each week, personal meal prep customizations will be handled separately. However, we do accept small customizations that are requested in the note section at check out on our main menu each week (i.e no pickles, no onions, no microgreens). 

Thank you for your patience during this busy time of growth as we pride ourselves in creating clean wholesome meals and making sure your meals are made with care, to your satisfaction, and presents itself deliciously well!

We are always excited to help you with your meals and serve you using REAL food. Clean food is healing and we can take pride in that.

All meals have gluten and dairy free options OR are already gluten and dairy free. All dishes include ingredients that are listed under the “description” tab. All labels include name of dish, macros, calories, possible allergies, and expiration date. 

How Do I Heat my Food?

Containers are biodegradable and are microwave safe. Remove lid and heat in 15 second intervals until your desired temperature. 

Stove Top: Set stove to medium for 1 minute. Add food add heat in 30 second intervals until your desired temperature.

Toaster oven:  Place meals in an oven safe pan and heat on 350F in 2 minute intervals until your desired temperature. 

Can I freeze my food? 
Yes, you can freeze some foods up to 2 months, but we recommend placing in an air tight container.